After a stressful time on MAFS Australia 2024, what are Andrea and Richard up to now?

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Aged 51 and 62, Andrea and Richard from MAFS Australia 2024 are the oldest couple to ever take part in the experiment. Their presence in the group really mixed up the dynamic, and brought a different type of relationship to watch unfold.

They had a wild ride on Married at First Sight, from Richard going all-in on the picture ranking challenge, to his explicit comments about his sex life with Andrea to the rest of the group making her feel very uncomfortable.

But, how did MAFS Australia 2024 end for Andrea and Richard and what are they up to now? It’s time to find out.

After MAFS Australia 2024, are Andrea and Richard still together?

Andrea and Richard on MAFS Australia 2024

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Andrea and Richard looked as though they had a great connection throughout MAFS Australia 2024, but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. Their relationship never recovered from Richard making comments about their sex life, and at a commitment ceremony, the pair decided to leave the experiment.

The couple reflected on their “special memories” and have remained friends since the show, but nothing more. In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Andrea said it was “traumatic” to watch their relationship back on the show, and said it was “pretty hard” to see their arguments which “made her feel crazy” all over again.

She said the breakdown in their relationship was because Richard “wasn’t able to” have meaningful conversations, and she said he never listened to her. They had multiple arguments, and she said they had very different boundaries.

Andrea was rumoured to be dating fellow MAFS Australia cast member Timothy, but she’s put those rumours to bed

After the show, it was rumoured Andrea was dating Timothy. They apparently “had a sleepover” and “have been spending lots of time together” since the show wrapped filming, but Andrea was quick to confirm they are just good friends.

Richard has really been living his best life ‘chatting up girls’ on nights out


When you spot Richard from #MAFS on the dance floor

When you spot Richard from #MAFS on the dance floor

It definitely looks as though Richard has been living it up since the experiment, as he’s been videoed on nights out on his own, and has apparently been “chatting up girls” on wild nights out with Collins of all people?!

Collins and Richard went on a big night out together, seemingly whilst the show was airing, and an insider told Yahoo Lifestyle: “Richard was loving life and having a big night. It definitely didn’t look like he had a wife at home still. He spent a long time chatting to younger women, including Carolina from a few seasons ago, and it looked flirty.”

He has also been filmed busting a move or two, on a night out in Sydney. It appears that Richard was on the dance floor alone this time, and the original poster said in the comments he was out at Flamingo Lounge. “When you spot Richard from MAFS on the dance floor,” they captioned the clip.

In it, Richard can be seen dancing to classic hit My Neck, My Back – which honestly, just makes this even more perfect.

Andrea and Richard have both got back into normal life since MAFS Australia 2024

It looks as though now, Andrea and Richard are both returning to life before the experiment. On Instagram, Richard posted to say he’s been back to work, back to his regular pilates class, and back to relaxing on his favourite beach.

Andrea has said she’s “back home” hanging out with “her people” and family, but has posted a lot with the women she met on MAFS. It looks as though from the experiment, she’s made friends for life in Lucinda and Cassandra, and they now do yoga together. Cute!

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