MAFS Australia gay couples

MAFS Australia expert explains the weird reason they’ve only cast a few same-sex couples

Alessandra finally gave us an answer

MAFS Australia expert Alessandra Rampolla has revealed why there’s only been a few same-sex couples on Married at First Sight down under, and the reason why we’ve had a lack of gay relationships is actually quite wild.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, the iconic MAFS Australia expert Alessandra explained why there hasn’t been that many gay couples. – it’s basically because bizarrely there’s just been a serious lack of applicants.

“One thing that I think always happens with our show is that it is a show. It is an experiment in the concept of how we put together the show, but we are a reality TV show and we are dependent on the people that choose to come on reality TV,” she said.

“I think that’s part of the reason why we haven’t had more representation of different sexual orientations and different sexual identities and whatnot on the show because we haven’t necessarily had those people raise their hand and say, ‘I want to be a part of this’.”

Alessandra also explained why she would like more representation from different sexualities in the future.“It depends on the humans that show up and want to share their stories and want to go on this wild ride with us and try and find love and definitely try and understand themselves and learn about themselves a little more because I think everybody leaves the experience with that,” she added.

Get applying!

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