Sara and Tim scene was cut from the MAFS Australia dinner party and it changes everything

Things didn’t end at all how it was shown on-screen

A dramatic moment involving Sara and Tim during the dinner party that aired on MAFS Australia 2024 last night was cut from the final edit of the show. It turns out the evening ended very differently for the couple to what viewers saw.

As the couples sat down, yet again things got heated as the conversation went back to Sara meeting up with her ex behind Tim’s back. Tim seemed to be trying to put it all off, before Ridge told him he would still be in the dark over the whole situation, had Eden not have told him.

Jayden then continued to push about the situation and was asking Sara why she had deleted text messages from her ex, before telling Tim to “run for the hills”. He then accused Sara of only being with Tim to stay on the show.

Despite this, Tim put on a united front and he and Sara looked as though they were pretty happy by the end of it. But, in reality, this wasn’t at all how the dinner party ended for them. It’s been reported Tim and Sara actually stormed out of filming, because things got so intense. Wait, what?!

Sara and Tim scene cut from MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party

via Channel 9 / E4

A cast member source told So Dramatic!: “They ended up walking out and leaving together because everyone was going so hard at Sara still.” It’s also been added that Jono left with Tim and Sara “in solidarity”.

The couple were absent from the last part of the dinner party, and now this explains why! All I want to know is, why was this edited out? This was tasty drama!

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