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‘I don’t know who Brit Smith is’: JoJo Siwa has addressed the chaos around her new song

Karma has been wrapped up in nothing but controversy since it came out

JoJo Siwa has finally spoken out about all the drama and controversy surrounding her new single Karma after a music video from 2012 surfaced last week with Brit Smith on lead vocals. The single was already controversial in the first place thanks to the dramatic ‘grown up’ rebrand JoJo Siwa has pulled off with a music video that shows her flirting with women and even thrusting into one very sexually in some scenes. The whole saga has been insanely viral.

JoJo Siwa spoke out to TMZ regarding the Brit Smith fiasco, saying she absolutely did not steal it from anyone. TMZ spoke to her outside of Siwa Studio in Burbank. All week the clips from the Brit Smith version have gone viral on TikTok and before that the rumours of it once being in Miley Cyrus’ hands circulated after she tweeted a lot about Karma’s A Bitch circa the Can’t Be Tamed era.

JoJo Siwa said “What happens is, people write songs and then they just don’t do anything with them. And then, a few years later, it makes more sense for another artist.” JoJo then said it was never fully belonging to another artist, Rock Mafia who wrote and produced just made hits for Miley and Demi Lovato circa that time – and Brit Smith too.

JoJo Siwa denies even knowing Brit Smith at all when it comes to Karma. “I didn’t steal anything. There’s no such thing as stealing – I also don’t know who Brit Smith is.”

Not sure if I fully agree that there’s no such thing as the concept of stealing or theft, but I hear you Ms Siwa.

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