Inside the very specific and intense application form for MAFS Australia cast members

‘Would you describe yourself as lonely? Do you have any skeletons in your closet?’

If you’ve been watching the most recent season of MAFS Australia I’d be questioning why *anyone* would want to fill out an application to be on that chaos show, but it turns out, a lot of people still do.

The application is long and asks you loads of personal questions about yourself and why you want to find love this way. Prepare to be asked to divulge your entire dating history, and extremely intricate details about yourself, down to if you’re lonely and how you spend an average Saturday night.

Here’s a deep dive into the application form hopefuls for MAFS Australia have to fill out and send off.

MAFS Australia application form

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It starts off pretty simple

When you first kick-off your MAFS Australia application, you’re asked it if you are genuine about finding love and can commit up to four months of your life to the experiment. If so, you’re prompted to register with some pretty basic details about yourself, such as your name and an email.

Once registered, you’re given some rules of the application. These include being over 25, being an Australian citizen and being honest in your answers throughout the form.

The first step of the main process is ‘basic information’

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The first step of the form is called “basic information” and it really is just that. It includes providing pretty standard details about yourself, including your birth date, address and occupation.

However, it does ask you how much you weigh? I’m not sure at all why this is necessary, but here we are.

The second step is ‘personal questions’

Now is where it steps up a gear: The *very* personal questions. This is where MAFS hopefuls are quizzed on their love life. If the most recent seasons are anything to go by, if you want to be cast, here would be a great place to casually drop in that you have a disgruntled ex you’re still in touch with and may or may not meet up with during the experiment.

In the application form, you’re asked about “challenges” you’ve faced on your “search for true love” and asked why you are looking for love right now, and in the way the experiment offers.

You’re then asked about your upbringing, relationship with family members, how you’d describe yourself and how friends would describe you. It also asks how family would describe you, and what your best personality traits are.

MAFS Australia application form

via MAFS Australia Casting

Moving on you’re then asked a bit more about your personality day to day. The application says: “What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? List three things about you that are interesting. Talk me through your average Saturday night.”

Hopefuls are then asked family plans, if they have children already or would like them in the future. You’re then asked to describe the sort of person you would want to be matched with, and despite this being a dating show, if you are single or not. You’re asked if you’ve ever been in love, married or engaged.

MAFS Australia application form

via MAFS Australia Casting

As well as what you like in a partner, the process also asks you what you don’t like and if you have any specific deal breakers. How long was your last relationship? Have you ever found love online? Would you describe yourself as lonely? Tell us about a romantic gesture you’ve done. Have you ever cheated? It’s all very intense.

Then you are asked to disclose if you’ve ever had plastic surgery, been written about in the media or been on other reality shows. Finally in this section, it asks about your criminal record. Timothy clearly left this part blank. It then concludes this section on a pretty dark note: “Do you have any skeletons in your closet?” Ummmm?

MAFS Australia application form

via MAFS Australia Casting

The third step of the application is ‘photos and video upload’

In the final stage, you’re asked to upload one full-body photo, one close-up photo, and a one-minute video. For the video you’re asked to “describe yourself and your motivation for being on the show”.

Still up for it? Fill out an application for MAFS Australia 2025 here.

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