Jack shares which reality shows he wants to go on next with his MAFS Australia fame

He wants a show to help his ‘personal growth’

Jack might have become the biggest villain of MAFS Australia 2024, but that hasn’t stopped him planning which reality shows he wants to go on next. Yep, it really seems as though he’s ready to settle into this as a career full time.

Despite having such a turbulent time on the show he was called out by the experts countless times, made enemies of some of his fellow cast members and had women’s charities make statements about him, Jack would still like to keep reality TV in the forefront of his mind.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, the personal trainer said he hoped MAFS Australia wouldn’t be the end of his reality career, and Jack spilled all on which shows he’s set his eyes on next. He said he wants another show that would help his “personal growth”.

Jack on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel 9 / E4

“I’d love to go on Survivor or maybe SAS or Hunted,” he said. “Anything that really challenges you physically and mentally where you’ve gotta question who you are and really dig deep and have that personal growth I think would be something amazing to do.

“I would never have applied for MAFS when I was in my 20s, not a chance in hell. But obviously being 34 and single I was looking for a bit of help so I thought it’d be a good time – next minute,” he laughed.

Jack previously made it quite far in the casting process for American Survivor, so thinks that could be next for him. He added: “I applied for season two of Survivor and I nearly got on, that was quite some time ago. I love Survivor. Me and my family used to watch that growing up as kids and me and my dad always used to joke with the family and say, ‘We’d be so good at this, we could do that’. And my sisters and my mother would say, ‘You couldn’t do that’.”

Do *we* want more of Jack on TV, though?

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