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Revealed: The real reason Richard and Andrea’s MAFS Australia marriage crumbled

‘Not letting her speak, talking over her – all of that crushed her the most’

Andrea and Richard are the oldest ever couple on MAFS Australia, but their domestic bliss was short-lived with a messy breakup – and now insiders have spoken out about why their marriage crumbled down into a bad ending.

Speaking to So Dramatic, insiders opened up about what was going on with Richard and Andrea behind the MAFS Australia closed doors. There was a lot that lead to the end of the marriage including Richard talking loudly and embarrassingly about their sex life in front of the group and the remnants of Andrea’s baggage from a toxic past relationship.

Insiders said “Andrea basically took her baggage from her previous relationship out on Richard. Richard raised the issue of her ex a few times in a kind and constructive way, questioning if her past trauma was why she had suddenly pulled back on being intimate with him and if it was impacting their relationship and how they could try to work on that.

“Andrea took it as a negative and felt attacked any time he brought it up. It was a very touchy subject for her, so she just completely shut off after that.”

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Co-stars from the cast of MAFS Australia also spoke out about how he was feeling when the marriage flopped. “He really wanted things to work out with them. The whole situation was really hard on him. You could see how heartbroken he was. Richard does sometimes act like a child.

“He just doesn’t listen or think sometimes, but his intentions are good, and he comes from a good place. He’s not a bad person and was really into Andrea; there’s no denying that.”

Another source then further explained what got Andrea to move away from Richard.

“There were various little things that he did that gradually turned her off,” they said. “The biggest ones were him exaggerating about things, making issues bigger, not letting her speak, cutting her off and talking over her when she did speak, not listening to her, not acknowledging how she was feeling, and not respecting her boundaries — one of them being mentioning her past relationship.

“All of that crushed her the most, more than anything else.”

It all ended in a mess by the end.

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