Brit Smith releases Karma JoJo Siwa

OMG! Brit Smith officially releases Karma’s A B*tch on streaming after the JoJo Siwa drama

Let the chart battle begin!!!

Brit Smith has officially releases Karma’s A Bitch on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services following the drama surrounding JoJo Siwa and her new single Karma. Last week, the video of Brit Smith in 2012 leaked with her vocals and music video that even included a Timbaland cameo – and as of today is has been officially released.

Brit Smith confirmed the tea on Karma to Page Six at the end of last week.

When asked about the history of the song, Brit said “It’s a shock to me it got a new life which is amazing, but [I recorded it] with Rock Mafia back in the day and it was supposed to be my first single. Things changed and I went with Provocative instead. We shouldn’t have done that really, we should have gone with Karma that was my first choice. But label things got in the way and I was led in that direction and we went with Provocative and then I left the music industry after that. It hasn’t seen the light of day til now.”

Up until today, the leak was only available on YouTube – but as of right now the song is available to stream on platforms. You can hear the officially released Brit Smith version of Karma here.

JoJo Siwa addressed the conversation surrounding Brit Smith and Karma, but hasn’t spoken out since “What happens is, people write songs and then they just don’t do anything with them. And then, a few years later, it makes more sense for another artist. I didn’t steal anything. There’s no such thing as stealing – I also don’t know who Brit Smith is.”

As of publishing JoJo Siwa has not commented on the release – but Brit Smith has posted multiple times on her Instagram story reposting fans excited about the release. It’s a developing story and we’ll update as we know more, but it was released by Brit Smith LLC.

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