MAFS Australia 2024 final vows

Everything we know about the explosive chaos of the MAFS Australia 2024 final vows

Buckle UP

If you think MAFS Australia 2024 has been insanely dramatic, explosive and just all round carnage – it’s nothing compared to what Married at First Sight has in store for us when the final vows arrive. Here’s everything we know that’s going to go down at the MAFS Australia 2024 final vow – because, let’s face it – it’s going to be BEDLAM.

Obviously, some spoilers loom here – so don’t read on if you don’t want the tea!

Sara and Tim

Despite all the drama, Sara and Tim make it to final vows and through the experiment. To make it more dramatic, according to an insider at So Dramatic producers ended up writing most of Tim’s vows.

“The producers obviously needed a bit of drama, so they told Tim to give his final vows more ‘jeopardy’ and focus on his trust issues with Sara and the fact that she had met up with her ex,” one insider spilled.

“Tim didn’t want to say any of it because they were over it, but they made him as they needed it to be more dramatic. It was clearly aiming to be set up to look like Tim was going to dump Sara,” they added. The source also said that the producers “ended up writing most of his vows”. Authentic and real reality telly as per!

“He edited them to be much nicer than what they wrote,” they explained. “However on the day, they failed to delete some sentences, but Tim skipped over the unwanted bits.”

Lauren and Jono

Lauren and Jono dump each other at final vows of MAFS Australia 2024 – YIKES. A source told So Dramatic

“Jono and Lauren both dump each other at the final vows. They ended so badly. Jono’s final vows were just about how Lauren hadn’t been nice to him and had called him a dog and a snake and other horrible names.”


Jade and Ridge

The couple commit to each other at the final vows, but Jade still airs her concerns Ridge doesn’t want to commit to her and her daughter in the future.

Jack and Tori

Literally the whole world knows they’re deffo still together, and obviously with that being the case they also make it through the final vows but APPARENTLY producers encouraged Jack to dump Tori, but their pleas fell on deaf ears clearly.

Eden and Jayden

Surprise surprise, they stay together – with the So Dramatic insider saying it was “pretty boring”.

“Very predictable and non-eventful,” a production spy told So Dramatic!. “Eden raised her concerns over Jayden’s fight style and not listening or being considerate of her needs.

“Jayden said he was worried she was controlling him and not letting him be himself.

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