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Here’s when the MAFS Australia cast will actually get control of their Instagrams back

Imagine the drama when they can say what they want again

When the brides and grooms of MAFS Australia sign up to be on Married at First Sight, they relinquish some control of their personal social media accounts to producers who get to approve what pictures and captions get posted on Instagram – but when the show is all over and wrapped, when do the cast get free reign to say what they like again? We now have the revealed date when the cast of MAFS Australia actually get their Instagram accounts back under their own control.

The cast give up the full access to what they post not just for when they’re on the show but for a few weeks after also. Thankfully, a cast member has spilled to So Dramatic on its podcast when the cast get their access back and the real drama and chaos will begin.

“Right now, we are able to post regular life stuff on our accounts via the Channel Nine social media team,” they explained. “They still have full access over our accounts, but we can ask them to post stuff for us and it just needs to be approved.

“From May 5th, we’re able to return to uploading regular posts to Instagram without any approval processes.” It won’t be the end to all the rules though, with cast still expected to follow some minor guidelines under their contracts.

I can’t actually wait to see this cast get fully unfiltered and the real tea get well and truly spilt!

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