Where are the Deathclaws!? Why Fallout’s most famous monster isn’t in the TV show

Dying to see Lucy VS Deathclaw

Fallout on Amazon is a TV show adaptation of the Bethesda video games so thrilling that if you’re already a fan of the series I’d be honestly gobsmacked if you weren’t as obsessed with it as I am. It’s so much fun and feels so authentic and done with so much love and care for the games. But the entire time watching I was waiting in anticipation for a big hulking villain to emerge from the shadows – but the most famous monster from Fallout was nowhere to be seen. Where are the Deathclaws in Amazon’s Fallout TV show?

Spoiler alert for Fallout series one.

Wait – what actually are Deathclaws?

If you’ve never played Fallout and have only seen the TV show, just mention the word Deathclaws to anyone you know who has and watch them shudder and recoil in instant fear. Deathclaws are the toughest and scariest monsters in the apocalypse. They emerge in areas making you absolutely PANIC – especially if you’re still at a low level when you come up against one.

Deathclaws look like dinosaurs almost, they’re massive hulking beasts with horns like a ram and claws that do major damage and huge teeth. They are the apex predator of the post-apocalyptic world Fallout is set in. They’re rare in the game, which adds to their fear and reputation – but I really expected one to pop up in the finale of series one.

Most of the scary monsters and mutants in Fallout came about after the bombs dropped, but Deathclaws are actually experiments from the Enclave made pre-war. They escaped when the bombs dropped, and the Enclave found them impossible to control. It’s all very Jurassic Park.

What aren’t Deathclaws in Fallout the TV show!?

Well, fans of the games and anyone curious will have noticed in the very final shots of series one a skull is in the desert, before we see the shot of New Vegas. That skull is absolutely a Deathclaw, which means they are deffo coming in series two – let’s face it. I guess the reason Bethesda and Amazon didn’t include Deathclaws in series one is simply to build suspense. They had to world build for people who had no clue about the Fallout universe, and now both gamers and newbies to the franchise get what’s going on – full havoc can be released in series two.

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