Gypsy Rose Blanchard Ryan hoarding

Gypsy Rose Blanchard divorced Ryan after a fight over his ‘food hoarding and snoring’

He apparently buys and keeps food in bulk and Gypsy wasn’t feeling it

More details have emerged over the messy split between Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her soon to be divorced husband Ryan Anderson – and apparently, the split came after a big fight regarding the fact he was hoarding food and snoring. I love my petty queen!

According to a new report by TMZ, a source close to Gypsy Rose Blanchard told them that the two got into a huge fight about Ryan and his food hoarding just before the divorce announcement. The source says Gypsy wasn’t aware of his hoarding tendencies before she left prison and moved in with him fully. He collects and keeps food in bulk, apparently.

The source then claims that Gypsy told people around her that these behaviours remind her of her mother – Dee Dee. The source continued that Gypsy was particularly irked by Ryan’s fridge which was full of out of date food, and when Gypsy cleared it out Ryan was seriously unhappy and it led to a big fight. Not only this, but she also said the heat off Ryan at night and the fact he snored a lot was the last straw and too much to cope with and adapt to after leaving prison and heading straight into the public eye.

This all comes off the back of Gypsy now apparently filing a restraining order against Ryan.

Court documents obtained by People Magazine show that Gypsy Rose filed the restraining order in the 17th Judicial District Court in the Parish of Lafourche, Louisiana last week.

The court documents also show that she is requesting Ryan to pay interim and long-term spousal support because she is “in need and the defendant has ability to pay and she is not at fault for the dissolution of marriage.” Gypsy Rose is estimated to have a net worth of over $3 million.

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