MAFS Australia Lucinda Timothy criminal

Here’s how Lucinda from MAFS Australia actually found out about Timothy’s criminal past

‘One mistake doesn’t define who you are today’

Lucinda continues to be the light and soul of the world, because it’s just been revealed how she found out about her Married at First Sight husband Timothy and his criminal past that took place before MAFS Australia, and her reaction was as mature and wise as you’d ever hope.

Since it was reported by So Dramatic that Timothy spent a year in maximum security US prison after smuggling marijuana across the Canadian border, it came out that he kept it secret from MAFS Australia producers and everyone wondered if he kept the criminal past secret from Lucinda too.

But it’s come out on the So Dramatic podcast that Timothy did actually tell Lucinda during MAFS Australia, early on in the experiment.

“Timothy didn’t keep his criminal past from Lucinda at all. That is not true,” one insider said. “He was very upfront with her about it from the start.

“He actually told her everything during their honeymoon.” And Lucinda handled it exactly as you’d expect someone with their head screwed on to.

“She was completely okay with it,” the source told host Megan Pustetto. “She told Timothy not to stress as it wasn’t a big deal and one mistake doesn’t define who you are today.

“Lucinda said it was in the past and happened so long ago, and as long as he learnt from it and isn’t that same person, it’s not something she would ever hold against him. She was very gracious and understanding about it and appreciated his honesty in telling her about it as early as he did.”

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