Richard Gadd Baby Reindeer where to watch

Here’s where to watch Richard Gadd next if you’re obsessed with Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

He’s in a police show with Stephen Graham!

If you haven’t binged Baby Reindeer on Netflix yet, then Bella – where have you BEEN, loca? It’s easily the best show they’ve put out this year and my favourite British series since I May Destroy You. Baby Reindeer is based on the true story of its creator Richard Gadd, who was aggressively stalked and harassed by a woman irl and is adapted from his one man show of the same name. A comedian over an actor, Richard Gadd has completely bowled over audiences with his performance as Donny in the show and big things are deffo coming his way. Here’s where to watch Richard Gadd next if you were obsessed with him in Baby Reindeer.

Tripped (E4)

A shaved head Richard Gadd starred in 2015 in E4’s sci-fi show Tripped, where he played an assassin that Blake Harrison from the Inbetweeners had to defeat in different universes. It’s all a bit Everything, Everywhere All At Once.

Clique (BBC)


In series two of the BBC’s thriller Clique, Richard Gadd plays a character called Ben Howard who’s the creator of ‘Twitcher’ – an alternative social media news source site. Not for me this one, but he was in six episodes.

Code 404 (Sky)

Richard starred in Code 404 on Sky for three series – it’s a police procedural set in the future where one of the detectives dies in the line of duty and gets put into an AI body. Stephen Graham and Anna Maxwell Martin are in it, so it’s full of icons.

Wedding Season (Disney+)

Richard Gadd Baby Reindeer where to watch

Kind of hard to make sense of what goes on in Wedding Season – I think a lot of twists and turns, so don’t want to give much away for those who are gonna watch it – but it’s a whole new way to see Richard Gadd in a much scarier role.

Baby Reindeer is available on Netflix now, and where to watch the other Richard Gadd shows is next to their title. For more like this and all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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