Zach Love Island rant

Love Island’s Zach goes on huge rant about girls ‘wearing nothing’ and ‘selling themselves’

‘People really out here selling themselves for some views/likes’

Love Island star Zach Noble has gone on a huge Instagram rant, complaining about “girls wearing nothing” and people “selling themselves for some views/likes”.

He posted the massive paragraph on his Instagram story yesterday, ranting about how women portray themselves on social media and people are not happy about it.  He said: “There’s more to life than what we’re being fed every single day”.

He also slammed people for “having an opinion” but “no work ethic”. Yikes.

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The full rant reads: “People really out here selling themselves for some views/likes. Like it genuinely means something. Social media should be used as a tool to help educate and develop and show growth. Instead, all I see is brain-numbing shit and the same old crap on loop. Recycled videos. Men moving mad. Girls wearing nothing. And nothing but toxic hate. There’s more to life than what we’re being fed every single day.”

“Stay humble. The best thing we have is life and the only thing we own is our life. The fact that it could end in an instant should remind you that. So live it right. Life’s about taking risks, blocking out doubt, backing yourself, and hard fucking work. Everyone seems to have an opinion these days but no one’s got work ethic.

“Your goals should scare you because they’re that big. And people shouldn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. At some point, we’re gonna be old and think WTF was I doing with my time.”

He asked for other people’s thoughts on his story and a lot of people are NOT happy at his comments. “He loves following them women who post “wearing nothing” though,” one person wrote on Reddit. Another person added: “He does know he chooses who he follows and his likes and activity dictate his algorithm? If that’s all he’s seeing it’s a him problem.”

Zach broke up with his girlfriend and fellow Love Island star Molly March last month after seven months of dating.

Zach Love Island rant


A representative told The Tab at the time: “Love Island’s Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble have made the decision to end their relationship in the last week. They both are still extremely close friends and will be supporting each other in their next ventures.

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