Four lads in jeans

OMG! The viral four lads in jeans are back and the jeans got… baggy

It’s been five years since the first picture was posted!

Well, it finally happened – the four lads in jeans reunited nearly five years on from their first picture going crazy viral as a meme during the pandemic and they look so different. Most importantly, the jeans got baggy.

In case you can’t remember, the four lads (Alex Lacey, Jamie Phillips, Kevin Rooney and Connor Humpage) went viral in 2020 after a pic of them on a night out made them the poster boys for their most basic straight lad opinions you could think of. They were everywhere. Back at the time, The Tab interviewed the lads, and they had a lot to say about the whole saga.

Connor posted it on Instagram with the caption “Tight trousers chose us”. It was picked up by a viral Facebook page and a meme of the boys got around 500k likes.

Kevin had people from Brazil and America messaging him constantly. “Every day I was getting tagged in something. It is funny,” he said. “Some of the comments are brutal. It doesn’t affect any of us, luckily, but comments like ‘they all need to hang themselves’? It’s not that deep.”

The lads were mystified as to why an innocuous picture of them had gone viral in the first place. “I still can’t get my head around why,” says Connor. “It’s just a normal picture with my mates.” Whilst their tight clothes have been mocked, all say they work hard at the gym and just wore normal clothes. “If we were wearing flares or bootcuts we’d get the piss taken out of us,” says Connor.

It was all a bit mad. After the viral success the boys rode the fame for a bit, and then fell off the face of the earth. As all viral moments do: The fleeting fame came to an end – but not before they got a statue out of it in their honour!

But now, they’re back – and the glow up is kinda real. They’ve changed their style so much, and in a post advertising the Bullring in Birmingham the lads are showing off their new style five years later.

It’s honestly blowing my mind to see how they’ve changed! Four lads in jeans in 2024, and they got baggy. Anything is possible it seems.

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