MAFS Australia Jack Tori sex

A body language expert says Jack and Tori are lying about having sex on MAFS Australia

‘Do I think they had proper sex? No’

The whole “have Jack and Tori had sex” saga on MAFS Australia is a right faff, and whilst they’ve claimed now that they have a body language expert has savagely declared that they think the two of them are actually lying.

Body language expert Scott Taylor spoke on Instagram about whether Jack and Tori actually had sex on MAFS Australia, and he did not hold back.

“I think there was an element of discomfort from a level of embarrassment,” Scott said. “I also believe she went to an area where she was having to [make things up]. So, do I think they had proper sex? No. I think they were intimate. But there weren’t enough indicators there to say that they did.”

Scott also spoke about what Jack’s body language reveals about behaviour deemed to be controlling on MAFS Australia.

“Whenever they get questioned, you’ll see Jack tap or touch [Tori], which is a reminder to stay on script and be positive about [their relationship],” Scott explained. You saw that happen four or five times. It’s an example of [his] controlling behaviour.”

He also spoke about how Jack responded to Timothy claiming he lied about having sex to take heat off the Tori relationship on MAFS Australia.

“Jack had a very strong defensive reaction to that. Immediately after [Timothy’s comment], Tori showed a one-sided shoulder shrug and severe lip compression… which translates to people who are not confident with their words. Like they’re not being honest,” Scott explained.

It’s all chaos, as per!

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