Eden Jayden broke up won't reply

MAFS Australia bride says groom broke up with her ‘out of the blue’ and won’t reply to her

‘He won’t reply to me. He hasn’t replied’

Major MAFS Australia spoilers coming up so read and your own risk! MAFS Australia star Eden has revealed that Jayden broke up with her “out of the blue” when she “didn’t really think that there was anything much wrong with the relationship” and now “won’t reply to her”.

Jayden and Eden announced their split just weeks after the reunion aired in a statement on Instagram, with Eden saying “The person I chose didn’t choose me”.

But now in an interview with Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, Eden confirmed that their break up was “out of the blue”. She said: “I didn’t really think that there was anything that much wrong with the relationship. He broke up with me, so just out of the blue one night.”

She added that there was no real reason for the breakup and “there was no big fight” between the two that made Jayden break up with her. “He just said, ‘I just feel like this isn’t right’,” she said.

And now in an interview with Daily Mail Australia, Eden has revealed she hasn’t had contact with partner Jayden since the break-up, saying: “He won’t reply to me. He hasn’t replied.” Yikes!

She said: “Everything was good. I do think in any relationship there’s ups and downs, but it came completely out of the blue for me. It was definitely a blind side. I just felt that the way that it all fell apart for us when he broke up with me, I just felt he was choosing not to be with me, and he didn’t want to be with me.”

While Eden claims she is “done with dating for a little while”, she says she is grateful for the support she has received since she made the sad announcement. “It’s been crazy to be honest,” she said. “I really didn’t expect such love and support from everybody. And I’m really grateful for that.

“I felt like people were really rooting for Jayden, and I knew that some people would be sad about that, but I really felt everyone rallying around me here.” She said her co-stars have all been very supportive over the breakup, with queen Lucinda “being amazing” to her. “We speak on the phone quite a bit,” she revealed.

Eden also spoke about Jayden’s night out with Lauren when they were filmed with their arms around each other. “The events of what happened after that night out… that was kind of the nail in the coffin for me I think, and I never got an apology,” she said.

“It was pretty upsetting, that [night out] was only a few days post what happened.”

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