MAFS Australia Tori friendship

Tori has finally spilled what her friendship status is now with the other MAFS Australia girls

‘What those girls did to me was not friendship’

The update we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – Tori has updated everyone on the current status of her friendship with the other girls in the MAFS Australia cast. And it’s not looking good, bruv. It is not looking good. Friendship might not even be a word in the picture here to be fair, but we move.

Tori started MAFS Australia awash with friendship from a lot of the girlies in the cast, but it all sort of dwindled out after she continued to stand by Jack Dunkley even when the rest of the group were denouncing him for the likes of muzzle-gate and the whale situation. She told her cast eventually she wanted nothing to do with them – but what is the situation like now after filming has finished?

Tori has provided an update on the status of her friendship with the rest of the MAFS Australia cast, in an interview with Refinery 29. Tori explained she felt disrespected because every time her friends aired their feelings about stuff regarding Jack they always did so at dinner parties in front of everyone. Which, fair… but like, you’re making a TV show my love

Tori said “Lauren’s approach, in conjunction with Sara, changed. The girls come to me at the next dinner party and they bring all these things to my attention.

The gals claimed to be airing this issue at the dinner party “out of respect for their friendship”, Tori didn’t feel that his was the case, because when Sara’s cheating scandal was handled in a different manner.

“Sara and Lauren spoke about [Sara’s cheating scandal], but it was never tabled,” Tori said. “What those girls did to me was not friendship… Lauren’s depicting this best friendship, but it’s not accurate.”

Yikes. No love lost then, it seems.

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