Baby Reindeer emails code

Erm, there’s a secret code hidden in Martha’s Baby Reindeer emails and it’s WILD

This is the most random crossover

Not a waking moment is going by for me right now where I am not thinking about Baby Reindeer on Netflix, and my head has just fell off even harder when I finally came to peace over the harrowing true story by a code hidden in the emails sent by Martha which is perhaps one of the wildest pop culture crossovers I’ve seen on telly in ages.

On Baby Reindeer, you can see there’s an email address that Martha sends all her emails to Donny from and it’s got the ‘ma’ first two letters of her name followed by a series of numbers. Well, according to a spot from culture writer and podcast host Jacob Stolworthy the cursed numbers from the Lost TV show. Wild.

Lost will be celebrating its 20th anniversary this September, and centred on the survivors of a plane crash who are stuck on an island with a mystery that deepens and gets more convoluted as the show goes on. The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 are the cursed numbers that consistently crop cup in the backgrounds of the flashbacks we see of the characters lives before the fateful crash that kicks off the events of the show.

The emails Martha sends are a crucial part of her stalking of Donny in Baby Reindeer, and he actually directly references the numbers in her email address when he says “a random series of numbers like spam” – little does he know it’s actually a 2024 reference to Lost in secret code. Wild.

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