MAFS Australia Lucinda millions

Lucinda’s set to ‘make millions’ after MAFS Australia, with a ‘bidding war’ over her next gig

‘Her positive energy has resonated with viewers who see her as a breath of fresh air’

At the shock of absolutely nobody, everyone’s favourite MAFS Australia icon Lucinda is set to ‘make millions’ following the show after everyone fell so in love with her and is apparently in the middle of a bidding war over what gig she’s going to get signed up to next. Absolutely love that for her, honestly.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, two major networks in Australia are in a “bidding war” over who can sign Lucinda up after MAFS and she’s set to make millions off the back of it. The networks are beefing as they both try and get Lucinda her own show, basically.

Another player in the bidding war is a company wanting to sign Lucinda is a few voiceover agencies who want her to read some audiobooks out. What a great move that would be – our dulcet toned queen! As well as this, she’s apparently had offers to publish her own spiritual guide self help books. She is truly gonna be booked and busy.

An insider spoke about why Lucinda has struck a chord with us all, and it’s just so true.

“Lucinda’s kind-heartedness and positive energy have resonated with viewers all around the world who see her as a breath of fresh air, compared to the clone of young, wannabe influencers we see every year becoming embroiled in drama,” the insider said.

“With the right strategy and team, she could make millions in the next couple of years with so much demand already.”

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