Baby Reindeer Martha laugh

People think they’ve found the real Martha from Baby Reindeer laughing in a stand-up video

It’s from a clip of Richard Gadd doing a comedy routine back in the day

If you haven’t yet watched Baby Reindeer on Netflix, you need to stop everything and get it watched as a matter of urgency – it’s a strong contender for the best show of the year and it’s totally viral right now. The adaptation from Richard Gadd takes his one man show true story of the same name and turns it into a mini series that’s darkly funny, deeply unsettling and very moving – and the cast and Gadd who stars in it too have got huge acclaim for their performances and the writing. The true story element of Baby Reindeer has lead to a lot of speculation about the events in real life, and one video is going viral because people think they can hear the real Martha and her distinctive laugh in the audience.

First of all, try not to look up or uncover who these real life counterparts actually are. There’s a lot of speculation on social media right now about the real Martha – with people naming Twitter accounts of who they think it might be and Richard Gadd has purposely kept it anonymous.


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This video however keeps anonymity, and is just filming Richard Gadd in 2012 as he competes in a comedy show. Gadd is competing in Cambridge for the Chortle Student Comedy Award, and it’s very weird for anyone who’s watched the show and seen the comedy it depicts to see Richard Gadd actually doing it. All the way through the video, a very distinctive giggle is heard which has people thinking it might be the laugh of the real Martha – who Donny talks about a lot in the show for having an infectious laugh.

Of course, it’s all just speculation. Some people in the comments think it can’t be the real Martha because Richard Gadd has spoken about how he changed a lot of details about the character of Martha compared to her real life counterpart in order to protect her anonymity. Some people have also pointed out that the video might be from before the stalking had even began. But for anyone who’s watched Baby Reindeer, the Martha laugh from the show definitely shares similarities to this clip.

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