Baby Reindeer ending Richard Gadd

‘I love the surprise’: Richard Gadd has spoken about why he chose THAT Baby Reindeer ending

‘It was the most truthful scene of the entire show’

Baby Reindeer writer and star Richard Gadd has just shared his view on the ending of the show and admitted it was “the most truthful scene of the entire show”.

The final episode of the show sees Donny visit Darrien who saw his confession video and calls it “brave” as well as offering him work. He then leaves and turns to all of Martha’s old voicemails and we finally learn why she called him Baby Reindeer.

Speaking to GQ, Richard Gadd has addressed his view on the ending. He said:” I think that was almost the most truthful scene of the entire show.”

Baby Reindeer ending Richard Gadd

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“What abuse does is it creates psychological damage as well as physical damage. Abuse leaves an imprint. Especially abuse like this, where it’s repeated with promises. There’s a pattern where a lot of people who have been abused feel like they need their abusers.”

“I don’t think it was a cynical ending, it was showing an element of abuse that hadn’t been seen on television before, which is, unfortunately, the deeply entrenched, negative, psychological effects of attachment you can sometimes have with your abuser.”

Also speaking to Tudum about the ending, he added: “I love that sequence. I like the surprise of going back to Darrien’s door. I love the surprise of listening to the voicemails. I just think there’s a deep psychology to it that I really like the idea of.

“Someone being so lonely and so isolated that they decide to listen to their old stalker’s voicemails.”

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