Black Mirror worst episodes

No ifs, no buts: These are the absolute WORST episodes of Black Mirror ever

Black Mirror episode idea: Me being forced to watch these on loop

Black Mirror at its best is some of the best TV of all time, but at its worst it makes you cringe out your skin and never want to get back in it again. I’ve shouted from the hilltops many times about the episodes that are so good they literally altered my brain chemistry, but here’s a quick roundup of the worst Black Mirror episodes that should never have made it to Netflix.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

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It was all well and good having Miley Cyrus in the episode and giving us the absolute bop that is On A Roll, but not even those two very great things could save this episode from being crap. The episode casts Miley as pop star Ashley O whose career is being controlled by her evil aunt and riffs on holographic projection performances of deceased pop stars. An interesting angle – ish, but just never picks up any oomph.


Black Mirror worst episodes

Even an actor as great as Andrew Scott couldn’t bring any life to Smithereens, which feels less like an episode of Black Mirror and more like something you might walk in on your mum watching at 9pm of a Sunday evening.


An utterly dull exploration of an overly cautious parenting and how the use of technology in monitoring your child can have dangerous consequences. Well, no shit. So boring it’s beyond belief, even though Jodie Foster took the helm on direction. God Foster you can do better than this I know it!

The Waldo Moment

The Waldo Moment with its political commentary and satire and more humorous approach to a Black Mirror should have set it apart as one of those episodes that got better with age and stood out for all the right reasons, and yet its famously regarded as one of the worst ever. If not THEE worst ever. Nothing lands. It’s so on the nose. Just all a bit tedious.

Mazey Day

WHAT AN ABYSMAL MESS. Just nonsense. Avoid at all costs. The only thing about this episode to comment on is a massive spoiler so there’s no point even talking about it but let’s just say this deviates so far from everything that makes Black Mirror what it is it literally had me tutting at the TV screen. And I’m a huge horror fan.

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