Still reeling from Baby Reindeer? You need to watch these movies and TV shows next

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If you’ve already binged your way through Richard Gadd’s Baby Reindeer on Netflix, then you’re probably sat staring blankly into space wondering how you’re gonna spend your evenings now. If you’re still reeling from the ending, Richard Gadd has just shared his thoughts on why they chose to end it that way, but what about other shows to watch next? Here are eight films and TV  shows you should stream right now if you want to fix the Baby Reindeer shaped hole in your life:

I May Destroy You

As soon as people finished Baby Reindeer they have been BEGGING everyone to watch this show. “If you enjoyed Baby Reindeer, I encourage you to watch I May Destroy You on BBC iPlayer, Michaela Coel deserves everything,” one person said.

Another added: “The closest thing to Baby Reindeer is I May Destroy You — two powerful, beautiful, transformative works of art that capture trauma, grief, abuse and every shade of joy, heartbreak, anger, love, shame and catharsis that exist within each.”

I May Destroy You is on BBC iPlayer and is a 12-part drama comedy starring Michaela Coel who plays a young woman who struggles to remember what happened on her night out with friends. She soon realises that she was drugged and sexually assaulted. It deals with trauma in a very similar way to Baby Reindeer, with a very similar type of humour.


Okay, definitely an obvious one and you’ll probably struggle to find people that haven’t watched it by 2024 but YOU. If you’re wanting more of the stalking vibes definitely go for YOU on Netflix, just in time for the fifth and final season to be released later this year.

Don’t F*** With Cats

Don’t F*** with Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer had such a moment in 2019 and we were all HOOKED. But if you didn’t watch it at the time, it’s about a serial killer who began by posting sick videos of him torturing animals online before he ended up killing humans too. People who saw the videos were disgusted and there was soon an international manhunt to find who was behind them. The whole thing is TWISTED and very disturbing so bit of a trigger warning needed. Also available on Netflix!


A new addition to Netflix this month, Anthracite is set in the French Alps and sees the police raid the home of a religious cult where they find a house filled with dead bodies. Years later, the case reopens after a reporter who was investigating the cult suddenly goes missing. All the unsettling and creepy vibes you’re after.

The End of the F***ing World

Shows like Baby Reindeer

The End Of The F***ing World and Baby Reindeer are made by the same production company, Clerkenwell Films so it might just be the perfect thing to stick on after a Baby Reindeer binge. Starring Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden it’s a black comedy that follows self-proclaimed psychopath James and Alyssa, an angry classmate who sees James as a way to escape her messy home life.

The Stranger

Shows like Baby Reindeer

Now obviously this list definitely wouldn’t be complete without a Harlan Coben series. You watched Fool Me Once back in January but what about The Stranger from 2020? The show sees a mysterious woman show up and tell Adam Price a shocking secret about his wife. After it’s revealed, his wife goes missing, and the stranger has a ton more secrets to share. All very twisty and turny.


Shows like Baby Reindeer

And if you want to catch Richard Gadd in something else, he (and his bald head) starred in E4’s sci-fi show Tripped where he played an assassin that Blake Harrison from the Inbetweeners had to defeat in different universes. You can also watch him in other shows including Clique on BBC and Wedding Season on Disney+.


Shows like Baby Reindeer

Misery is a classic stalker film from 1990 and there are definitely traces of Kathy Bates in Jessica Gunning’s depiction of Martha. After an accident a novelist, Paul Sheldon is rescued by Annie Wilkes, a nurse who claims to be his biggest fan but the whole thing then turns a bit dark.

Baby Reindeer is available on Netflix now. For more like this and all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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