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Um, a MAFS Australia couple who’ve broken up did a joint club appearance this weekend

Beyond awkward I fear

In the usual perfect cashing in on MAFS Australia fame, one Married at First Sight couple who have no split up following the show did a joint club appearance together in Melbourne this weekend – it was none other than (SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT FINISHED THE SHOW IN THE UK) Sara and Tim who did the MAFS Australia club appearance.  Despite the fact they committed to each other in final vows, they have now parted ways – but not before a little club appearance.

Along with Tristan, Sara and Tim popped up at Melbourne’s Mango Club to see MAFS Australia fans and cash in on the telly fame. Apparently the two are on “very friendly terms” so perhaps all is not too awkward after that huge fight at the MAFS reunion.   If you fancied seeing them it would have set you back a modest $27.44, so a bit of a bargain really.

Mango Club announced on its socials “Just when you thought Melbourne’s No. 1 Friday night home couldn’t get any better, Mango Club presents your favourite & maybe not-so-favourite cast members of MAFS!  It’s time to let loose & party with reality TV stars TIM, SARA & TRISTAN this Friday!”

Sare then opened up further about how she’s glad MAFS Australia is actually all over. She said to Daily Mail Australia

“I am so relieved. Yeah, obviously just really glad it’s over now,’ she explained. “I feel like reliving it a second time [in] a fairly different light, was a bit stressful so it’s nice to know like we’re done and can just move on from it now.

“Tim and I are on friendly terms. We hadn’t really spoken post like the actual break-up, but we’re actually very friendly now. We speak every day that [the show’s] on and discuss it, but yeah, it’s nice to know we can still be friends and share that experience together.”

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