Kim Kardashian is ‘over’ Taylor Swift feud and ‘thinks Taylor should move on’ after new song

Taylor’s new album features a song called ‘thanK you aIMee’ which is believed to be a massive dig at Kim

So, last week Taylor Swift released her new album The Tortured Poet’s Department and seemingly reignited her historic feud with Kim Kardashian with the song thanK you aIMee. But now Kim Kardashian has responded and it’s all very juicy.

Besides the obvious capitalisation of KIM in the title, On thanK you aIMee, Taylor sings about bullying at the hands of someone called Aimee and how the whole situation made her create a legacy that “can’t be undone”.

In the song’s chorus, Taylor sings: “All that time you were throwin’ punches, I was buildin’ something”, and everyone thinks this is a reference to the infamous 2016 drama when Kanye West released his song Famous with the lyrics “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.” Kim then claimed Taylor gave him permission to use the lyric and even released a clip of a phone call of them discussing it.

After this whole drama, Taylor disappeared and released Reputation, which people have understood as her “building something” from the song.

But the whole thing gets really drama when in the bridge of the song Taylor sings: “One day, your kid comes home singin’ a song that only us two is gonna know is about you” which is a reference to Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West posting TikToks of her dancing to Taylor Swift including one which Kim joined in dancing to Shake It Off.

But now we have a response from Kim Kardashian. Speaking to PEOPLE, a source revealed that “She’s over it and thinks Taylor should move on.”

Kim “doesn’t get why [Swift] keeps harping on it,” the source says. “It’s been literally years.” Yikes.

Then in her first interview since the apparent diss track dropped, Kim only admitted that “life is good” on Kimmy Kimmel Live before moving on after he brought up the whole song situation.

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