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Everything Natalie and Collins have been up to since their disastrous time on MAFS Australia

If I had to hear about Collins discussing OnlyFans, you do too

Natalie and Collins were simply NOT one of the success stories of Married at First Sight Australia 2024 – that goes without saying. It did not work in any way, shape or form – but what have Natalie and Collins been up since MAFS Australia well and truly did not end in matrimony for either of them? Here’s a rundown to get you caught up.

The biggest and best news: Natalie moved on and is dating a woman

Whilst Natalie and Collins did leave the experiment she decided to return to the Skye Suites to give her MAFS Australia 2024 relationship one last chance, which lasted all of 48 hours before they were asked to leave for wellbeing reasons by the show’s producers. And now Natalie has moved on from Collins and has revealed that she’s currently in the talking stages of her first-ever lesbian relationship. Vibes.

Natalie told Channel Nine: “I have been speaking to someone special. We’ve known each other for years. We met when she was married and I was in a long-term relationship. I’ve never dated a woman before, I’ve been attracted to them but I’ve never been able to take that step into dating. They have been an incredible support to me since I left the experiment. Even if it just eventuates into a nice friendship, we’re just going to see what happens.”

Collins spilled on any OnlyFans plans

Getting an OnlyFans account is a common theme amongst those who had a reality telly dalliance, but Collins has commented on whether we’d ever see his winky for a monthly fee. And anyone who was wishing it might happen will be dismayed.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Collins explained: “My d*ck’s too small for OnlyFans. Honestly. So yeah, nah there’s no OnlyFans. The people who do OnlyFans know they’ve got something to offer, I don’t.” TMI.

Natalie and Collins are not on speaking terms

After their messy exit from MAFS Australia, a source told Daily Mail Australia: “Natalie was homesick after losing her father and just wanted out. Collins was just doing her head in and Natalie wasn’t coping. Nat finally reached boiling point and production agreed to let her go home.

“Collins is still spiteful and keeps blaming her for robbing him of his opportunity. Things got really nasty quickly and they both just went their separate ways. Collins didn’t even want to be friends with Natalie afterwards, it’s really sh*tty.”

The messy drama as they reunited at the reunion

One MAFS participant revealed: ” He was saying he was pissed off that he got the short straw and that it was unfair he got paired with a girl whose dad just died and was really sad the whole time.

“Nat was very sympathetic to him. She could understand why he was disappointed and empathised with him. She knew everyone had sacrificed a lot to be on the show. But she also reiterated that they didn’t form a connection, and then everything just spiralled out of control because of that.”

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