More lies Jack from MAFS Australia has been telling his ex have surfaced and it’s chaos

‘He’s only staying with Tori because he’s backed into a corner’

The Jack and Tori relationship is clearly one of the most controversial pairings to come out of MAFS Australia, and now his ex girlfriend Courtney from before Married at First Sight began claims even more lies have surfaced – to add to the mess that already has been circulating the past few months.

Courtney has spoken a lot whilst Jack was on the show about what he allegedly was saying to her before he went on the show – claiming he broke up with her because he was moving to America for a new job. Lol. The latest lies that have emerged is that not only did Jack claim that, he also pretended to be in America whenever they spoke!

According to an insider on the So Dramatic podcast, “They were in constant contact while he was filming his wedding and honeymoon and the early weeks of filming. He was acting like he was in America, even going as far as to tell her things like how hard it is to drive on the other side of the road and how good the food is.” I am howling at this ridiculous audacity!

“Then, a few weeks into filming, the photos of Jack and Tori‘s wedding leaked, and that’s when Courtney found out he was on MAFS. She had no idea until then. She fully believed he was in America.”

Courtney went on to slam Jack 0n social media, and then stopped because he apparently called her begging for forgiveness. “[He said] he was only doing the show for fame so he could launch a fitness app and other stuff like that after,” the insider said.

“He convinced her that it was an amazing opportunity that would lead to fame and fortune for them both. That the show would make him blow up and he can launch this fitness app and set them both up for their future. He was saying he is in love with her, they have a future together, and just to trust him and stick it out. He asked her to wait for him. So they continued talking during filming.”

The MAFS Australia lies from Jack are wild – with him apparently telling Courtney they’ll be back together after the Tori stuff ends.

“That’s why Courtney didn’t respond when Timothy reached out to her to come to the Reunion. She genuinely thought Jack was going to get back with her after filming,” the insider revealed. “Not to mention, they were talking the entire time during filming and slept together during and after.” The source then said Jack is apparently “only staying with Tori because he is backed into a corner and has no other choice”.

Since MAFS, Jack has actually set up a personal training website.

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