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‘Taylor Swift pub’ The Black Dog staff have spoken out about chaotic week mobbed by Swifties

‘We’ve got a Swift half pint on the menu, which people can get for free if they sing a Taylor lyric’

The Black Dog pub in Vauxhall, London was a drinking establishment like any other – until Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department on Friday and not only seemingly namechecks the gaff, but named a full track after it. Since Taylor dropped the album, hundreds upon hundreds of Swifties have been flocking en mass in a pilgrimage to The Black Dog, and now staff member Lily has spoken out about the insane week of Swift mania.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast to Jordan North, Chris Stalk and Sian Welby, Lily says The Black Dog has been contacted by over 30 news outlets this week hoping to get insight into the Taylor Swift madness that’s hit them – with some reaching out from Australia.

Jordan North asked “So, anybody listening who doesn’t know, basically because Taylor Swift talks about this pub in her song, you’ve now renamed certain things on the menu for Taylor Swift. Is that right?”

Lily explained “Yeah, we’ve got a ‘Swift half pint,’ which, you know, people can get for free if they sing a lyric. We’ve got a Taylor versions of our cocktails, we’ve got loads of lovely stuff for the Swifties.”

She also then teased but did not confirm that the pub has a “certain blonde regular”, but wouldn’t clarify if Taylor had ever actually been. She said that the pub isn’t annoyed that Taylor actually called The Black Dog ‘not pretty’ in the song, and she’s got a pint behind the bar with her name on it should she ever stroll in.

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Featured image of the pub via Google Maps,  Taylor Swift via Shutterstock