17 years since it first aired, this is who from the Skins cast is actually still friends

I wish I was invited to their lunch reunions

The Skins cast are everywhere right now from Kaya Scodelario in The Gentlemen to Jack O’Connell in the new Amy Winehouse biopic. But, while the former Skins actors are all jetting around Hollywood, do they still have time to catch up and are any of them actually still friends?

I mean it has been 17 years since the show premiered on E4 but a few of them still keep connected, 0r mention each other in their celebrity interviews – I hope my famous friends do the same one day. This is who from the first generation of Skins is still friends:

Kaya Scodelario, Joseph Dempsie and Larissa Hope

Kaya reposted this super cute disposable picture of the three baby faced stars at V Festival in 2012. It’s clear the stars are still close and reminisce on the old times they have together. I mean, if you make it to the gram main grid, then you are 100 per cent still in contact.

Hannah Murray and Nicholas Hoult

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Next time you are in Primrose Hill, you might catch a glance of Hannah and Nicholas strolling around with their coffees as they were seen there in 2021. Although, we should say that Hoult is now a married man, for anyone speculating that it looks like a “date.” The paparazzi shot was three years ago but any fleeting moment that the stars can get together is worth the picture.

Dev Patel and Daniel Kaluuya

Recently in an interview, Daniel Kaluuva talked about his friend Dev Patel. Talking to The Times, Dev said: ”I went from getting food with him in Wetherspoons to watching him at the Golden Globes, within a month — and he still checked in when he got back.” Not to mention, the success that Dev has had directing Monkey Man. The fact that the two of them were sat in a Wetherspoons could have been a scene from Skins if it was around in 2024.

Mike Bailey

Underneath every reunion picture is normally a comment saying ‘WHERE IS SID??’ Well, he is a teacher and probably is living more of a 9-5 life that makes it harder to schedule in a reunion. However, some of the castmates did go to his wedding in 2015 so that must mean they are still in touch, somewhere, 10 years ago maybe.

Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Joe Dempsie and Larissa Wilson

Skins still friends

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This group all met up for lunch recently AND there was a baby skins visitor as well (Larissa Hope’s little girl). It’s cute that they all remain in touch and weird to see the cast now with kids as well! Makes me feel very old.

Daniel Kaluuya, Kaya Scodelario and Joe Dempsie

Skins still friends

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I think it’s a sign of a long friendship when some of your meet-ups are at weddings together. Kaya posted this story back in 2022 of the 3 at a wedding together – I mean their fashion sense has improved since the days of Skins, let’s just say that.

Lily Loveless, Kaya Scodelario and Joe Dempsie

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It seems to be a common theme that Kaya and Joe are at all of all the reunions. And this cute disposable shows that Lily Loveless is still mates with them. A lot of these reunions involve meeting up with wine or glasses in hand, so the Skins days are not long gone.

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