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Kaching! The Russell Group uni subjects you need to study if you want to be a millionaire

Awkward time to be an English student x

When you’re filling out your pesky little UCAS form and deciding which subject you want to study, what’s the first thing on your mind? Is it how much you enjoy it or just the one you hate the least? Because subjects are normally ranked on the most dull factors including grades, teaching quality and all that malarkey.

Or is it literally that you want to be rolling in it within five years of graduating? Because that’s certainly a whole lot more interesting that deciding based on contact hours or how many awards the department has won. And if so, are there specific subjects you need to be studying in order to actually make that a possibility?

And the answer is, obviously, yes! Edvoy has worked out the uni degrees which are producing the most millionaires around the world overall.

So which Russell Group uni degrees really do make the most millionaires? These are the uni subjects you need to study if you want to be a millionaire after graduating :

6. Law

Live out your Elle Woods dreams AND be a millionaire? I’m sold. The average salary of a lawyer in the UK five years after graduating is between £30,000 and £54,000 but this very quickly increases with the more years you put in. Lawyers with over 15 years of experience can expect to be earning at least over £180,000.

 5. Computer Science

Sacrificing not getting one single shag at uni for being rich when you graduate? It’s a tricky choice x

But not only does studying computer science get you a great salary later on in your career, but it also offers insane grad salaries, with an average starting salary of £48k which is second only to engineering.

4. Maths

Maths grads can end up in sectors like finance, engineering, sciences or public services, meaning they make up quite a massive proportion of the world’s millionaires.

3. Politics

At number three is politics. Although the grad salary is kinda average at £27,314, this can really quickly rise as you move higher up the career putting politics in a good position for creating millionaire grads.

2. Economics and Finance

It’s probably not surprising that, you know, studying actual money will make you rich. Economics and finance are the degrees second most likely to make you a millionaire after uni, according to Edvoy.

1. Engineering

So, yep if you want the best chances of being a millionaire, out of all the uni subjects, you need to study engineering. A huge 22 per cent of the world’s top 100 billionaires are engineering grads and the data showed that 56 per cent of engineers believe they will become millionaires at some point in their lives. Not the engineers manifesting all their money!

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