The five fashion trends all the cool girlies are wearing to festivals in 2024, according to Pinterest

The lewk bewk isn’t ready for this

The year’s most questionably dressed festival, Coachella, has been and gone, and there were some solid serves for the first time in a while. Lana Del Ray looked incredible, and there was a distinct tone-down of vibe in the air when it came to looks. The excessive tassels and hair glitter were finally ditched. Of course, some people still took it too far, but they don’t call it the Influencer Olympics for nothing. And now everyone’s stepping up, here’s a harsh reminder that it’s only six weeks until the UK festival season officially begins. That Pinterest board isn’t going to curate itself. So, what are the festival fashion trends for 2024?

Jenna Waller, Head of Fashion at app Pinterest UK, tells The Tab there are five core aesthetics the girlies are searching for right now, based on Gen Z data from the last month. So, Pins at the ready; here are the need-to-know festival trends of the year. Baby, this is your time to shine.

Dark feminine energy

“Dark feminine energy urges people to question conventional femininity and get out of their comfort zones. Pinners are looking to incorporate elegant corsets and satin dresses into their festival wear, as well as bold accessories such as combat boots and heavy jewellery,” says Jenna. The great thing about this is it’s the sexiest look, yet seems like you didn’t try too hard, which we all know is the most important ingredient of festival dressing. Throw on a corset, a pair of baggy trousers or cute shorts, and a cap (if you want to add a touch of “who is she?”). You’re good to go.

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Leather, lace-up trousers, lace-up corsets, and fishnet tops will all give you this look. Brands like Dion Lee, KNWLS, and Miaou might give you the best inspo for the board, but for something you can actually afford try Lounge Underwear’s collection here.

If you want to take this in a more practical direction, the workwear aesthetic gives off the same energy. Not quite straight from the building site, but more Fifth Harmony in Work From Home. Safety glasses, Timberlands or Salomons, cargos, and a bra. Hot.
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Where to wear it: Glastonbury, Lost Village, Houghton Festival, Waterworks, We Out Here Festival, Body Movements.


We have Queen Zendaya to thank for many things, but the top of that list is making Tenniscore one of the biggest festival fashion trends for 2024. You want to avoid going too pub golf here or looking like you’re fresh from a doubles match. But pleat skirts and stripes will be everywhere. Just maybe avoid too much white. True Tennis girlies will enjoy Lounge’s On Campus collection which you can see in full here.

“Moto jackets, sports shorts, and tracksuit bottoms will be staples this festival season – there is no comfier option,” says Jenna. For a less weather-dependent look, a matching tracksuit with aviators gives sports with a hint of mob wife, like this one from Ellesse:

It will be a big year for Adidas trackies too, with Gen Z Pinterest searches up 50%. And much like Adidas Spezials (RIP Sambas?), I simply have to own a pair of these pants in every colour. They’re super timeless, and I can’t see Rishi wearing a pair anytime soon, so they’re a safe investment. You can find a stunning selection of colours, including these blue ones, on JD.

Where to wear it: A day festival like Gala Festival, Mighty Hoopla, Peggy Gou Gunnersbury Park, Field Day, Parklife Festival, Maiden Voyage, Rally Festival, and anywhere it’s not going to be raining.

Lana Del Ray core


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Just as entering a festival on a motorbike is firmly on the moodboard, so is Lana Del Ray’s style after her killer looks at Coachella. The Gen-Z girlies agree. She’s heavily influenced festival fashion trends for 2024, as searches for “Lana aesthetic” are up by 80%. Jenna reckons we’ll see lots of vintage style, corsets, tulle, and pearl and bow accessories.

Where to wear it: Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Boomtown Festival, Wilderness Festival, Parklife Festival, Secret Garden Party, All Points East.


Cowboy theme for 2024? Groundbreaking! It might seem like Western style peaked in 2021, but if Bella Hadid’s wearing a cowboy hat now, then so am I. Naturally, Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter has boosted Pinterest searches of cowboy boots by 60% for Gen Zs, so prepare mentally to see lots, and physically to receive blisters if you’re brave enough to wear a pair yourself.

If you want to really commit, the space cowgirl is the cowgirl’s sexy sister who loves the club. This is simple: A white vest, leather chaps if you dare, and some Oakleys. For a brand that does this perfectly try Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora’s fave Cowboys of Habit:

If this all sounds too much, how about opting for a touch of yeehaw rather than committing to a full-on hat and boot look? Double denim’s a great way to do this, as is a paisley neck tie.

Where to wear it: Glastonbury (especially for Shania Twain), Mighty Hoopla, Wilderness Festival, Boomtown Festival.


One way of dressing for a festival is like you kinda live there in the trees full time. “Whimsical fairy-themed outfits will be key, allowing people to dress up and escape their realities. Pinners are looking for fairy-inspired beauty, bell sleeves, boho braids and cottagecore nails”, says Jenna. “Fairy core outfits” searches are up 70% with Gen Z users and “maxi dress with sleeves” up 25%. Of all the festival fashion trends for 2024, this is the ideal aesthetic for frolicking, laying about in the sun, and making the pilgrimage to the Glastonbury Healing Fields (or the Stone Circle on the way home). But a warning: those long sleeves will not fare well after 10 pm on the sweaty dancefloor.

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If the sleeves aren’t working for you, try crochet instead for a more effortless look, like this dress or this crochet top from Superdry:

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Where to wear it: Wilderness Festival, Lost Village Festival, Gottwood Festival, Secret Garden Party, Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Boomtown Festival, Parklife Festival, Shambala Festival.

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