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Collins is rebranding as a TikTok interviewer after MAFS Australia, and it’s absolute hell

Laughing so much at the bad microphone quality

Everyone’s favourite eye roll Collins from MAFS Australia 2024 has found a new way to make us all cringe now the show’s ended, with a career rebrand as he tries to go for a voxpop era as a little TikTok presenter. It’s as hell on earth as you might imagine – with his corny videos being just as naff as he was on the show.


Who’s the MAFS Fan-Favourite?! #mafs #mafsaustralia #mafs2024 #collins #mafsau #fyp

♬ original sound – Collins

Collins is going for prime content here: Asking randoms on the street their thoughts on MAFS Australia. With the general perception of him being as low as it is, perhaps this is not the best mode of content farming – but each to their own. The funniest part of it all is the microphone is absolutely garbage – just pure crackling. In the first TikTok video, Collins asks people their favourite MAFS Australia cast member and of course pretty much everyone says Lucinda. Alas, for Collins – no one says him.


Who could you Not Stand from MAFS? #mafsau #collins #mafsaustralia #mafs2024 #mafs

♬ original sound – Collins

He then goes on to ask who everyone’s least fave on the show was, and Jack and Tori got so many whacks – as did Sara, who got dragged for having “no emotional intelligence” and “no awareness of the room.” No one actually said Collins, though – as long as he doesn’t have a nosy little peek in the TikTok comment section he should be all good.

You can follow Collins on TikTok at @collins_christian. He needs it to be fair, he’s currently got about 750 followers. Times are hard and friends are few.

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