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Everything Lauren’s said about Ellie and Jono’s relationship after the MAFS reunion

‘Me and him were forced to be together’

In the MAFS Australia reunion, we all got the shock of our lives seeing Ellie and Jono walking in hand and hand as they reunited with Jono’s MAFS ex Lauren and the rest of the cast. Obviously this came after the whole texting saga that Jono was messaging Ellie behind Lauren’s back when the show was airing, but what has Lauren said about Ellie and Jono in the wake of the reveal that there was some serious couple swapping on MAFS Australia?

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Lauren opened up about her thoughts on MAFS ex Jono moving on with Ellie. Whilst she was initially gutted and really shocked, she’s come to accept it and be honestly pretty realistic about the whole thing. “I could not be happier for Jono. Me and him were forced to be together, we didn’t choose each other, and we gave it our absolute all.”

“I honestly I could not be happier that they found love, because Jono and I weren’t in love. We didn’t have that and they are great together. I couldn’t [root for] them harder, to be honest. ‘It was difficult because we’d have a really good week, a really s***** week, and it would take us to point one.”

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She then continued: “We did have a really good homestay and we were obviously intimate and so I put a spanner in the works and made this situation a little bit harder for me to swallow than if we had have just been in a consistently bad spot.”

“It’s surreal to watch it all back… I’m really at peace, and I am really happy, I’m genuinely happy for all the couples that have found love and really good friendships. I’m so thankful and happy that I did this experiment.

“The one thing I found that was a major red flag for me was that I wasn’t mentioned once. I don’t think things would have been any better if that didn’t come out, because we were talking about a few weekends we’d had, and it’d been consistently good for us, and that’s just not gonna last in the real world.”

Honestly, I think she handled it all pretty well in the grand scheme of things!

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