You have 20/20 vision if you can find the cat in this optical illusion in five seconds

Anyone else now craving ice cream?

Another day, another optical illusion that will have me running to the nearest optician and booking myself in for an eye test. Seriously, the chokehold these things have on me needs to be studied. And now it’s finally actually starting to be sunny outside, the latest one is none other than one that will tell you if you have 20/20 vision and this time it’s all about cats and ice creams. What a combo!

Basically, you need to try and find the cat in this ice cream optical illusion within five seconds or you can’t have bragging rights for 20/20 vision I’m afraid. Specsavers here we come! So, here it is:

I don’t know about you but this is just making me crave ice cream SO badly please send help (and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough).

But if your short five seconds have been and gone and you’re still struggling, besides calling your nearest optometrist, the cat is an orange colour and is on top of a blue scoop of ice cream. Found it yet?

Spoiler alert: stop scrolling unless you want the answer revealed!

The cat is disguised as a scoop of ice cream in the middle of the picture.

 optical illusion

If you found the cat right away, and this ice cream optical illision was a bit too easy for you what about giving this orange optical illusion a go? Apparently only the people with the “sharpest vision” can see the odd one out.

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