There was a very serious reason Jack and Tori didn’t feature at MAFS reunion dinner party

Jack and another groom ‘lost it’ with one another and Channel Nine was forced to change the show

MAFS Australia 2024 is finally coming to an end, but there’s still loads of drama unfolding – which has left people very confused as to why Jack and Tori didn’t feature in the final reunion dinner party.

Major drama between the couple was scrapped for legal reasons, meaning the couple got much less air time in the final episodes than what us viewers at home would have wanted. It would have been a final time for Jack’s behaviour to be addressed, which has become the trend for every dinner party during the show this year.

However, the couple get very little screen time, which didn’t go unnoticed. It’s been previously reported that multiple people from the cast had tried to contact Jack’s ex Courtney, to get her to crash the reunion – which he obviously wasn’t impressed with. Courtney didn’t respond to the cast reaching out to her, but So Dramatic! has reported she did tell Jack that Timothy was one of the people trying to stir the pot and get her to show up.

Jack and Tori MAFS 2024 reunion dinner party

via Channel Nine / E4

Arriving at the dinner party, Jack told Timothy he had a “bone to pick” with him over what he had tried to do, which caused the two guys to “lose it” with one another. “Lauren, Sara and Timothy pretty much annihilated Jack, as usual,” a participant said. “Tori and Jack eventually stormed out of the dinner party and left.”

The reason all of this was cut was because Jack’s ex is currently pursuing legal action against Channel Nine and Jack. Jack allegedly shared pictures of Courtney with his fellow grooms, which Courtney has requested be kept out of the show. Because of this, Channel Nine couldn’t show Jack and Tori leaving the MAFS Australia 2024 dinner party.

Jack has also now had a restraining order against his ex and released a full statement about what’s happened, claiming there has been “relentless communication” from her.

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