MAFS Australia reunion edited

‘The most edited episode’: A MAFS Australia cast member has blasted the reunion

‘Every other episode has been fairly accurate, but that was extremely out of context’

The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion was what every great reality TV reunion should be: Pure carnage. We will all remember where we were for the Ellie and Jono hard launch and the fact Sara and Tim nearly split up there and then – but now one cast member has spoken out and said the MAFS Australia reunion was “the most edited episode” of the lot. And they did not hold back.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle anonymously, the cast member insider said: “The reunion was by far the most edited episode I’ve seen. Every other episode I think has been fairly accurate but that was extremely out of context.”

On Ellie’s big outburst towards Lauren, the insider shared she actually called Sara a “f*cking b*tch” rather than Lauren!

“Sara was saying things to Ellie like, ‘You’re only with Jono for the limelight, you’ve always wanted the limelight’. That’s why Ellie snapped and said, ‘I left the experiment in week five’ – to make a point that she wasn’t on the show for fame,” the source adds.

“There’s only so far you can push someone before they snap. Ellie is one of the nicest girls in the cast and she doesn’t deserve to be receiving so much hate – but the comment definitely shouldn’t have been said, regardless of who she said it to.”

Ellie confirmed this later, saying “Sara was being so horrible to me. She came at me and I just snapped,” she explained. “I definitely regret swearing on camera like that, it’s the one thing my dad asked me not to do.”

The source also said that Ellie and Jono were made to look worse than the cast actually felt like they were, saying he and Ellie were “definitely stitched up more than they needed to be” in the edit.

“Most people in the cast were in support of Jono and Ellie, but yes, they should’ve pulled Lauren aside or given her a heads up before walking in together.” Absolute chaos as per, but with a show as heavily edited as MAFS Australia it’s no shock they want the reunion to be maximum carnage.

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