Um, Jayden made Lauren cry and she stormed out the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion?!

Production had to step in and have a word with Jayden, but all of this was cut from the show

The MAFS Australia 2024 reunion seemed pretty juicy as we saw it – but it turns out there was a lot more drama between Jayden and Lauren that didn’t make it to the final edit.

The experiment has come to an end, and has seen the couples come together for a final dinner party and commitment ceremony. As always with this lot, sparks flew all over the place. However, in some scenes that we didn’t get to see, it’s been reported Jayden made Lauren cry, and in the end she stormed out the final reunion dinner party!

It seemed like the worst of Lauren’s issues would be Jono and Ellie, following emotional scenes about the cheating scandal as it was spoken about around the table. After Jono and Ellie entered the final dinner party as a couple, Lauren was reportedly left so devastated she stormed out of filming for the show and refused to return.

This led to producers having to persuade her to come back, with an insider telling Yahoo Lifestyle: “The producers convinced her to go back by saying she’ll get a better edit and get the chance to end the series a hero by calling Jono out.”

Cut scenes with Jayden and Lauren during MAFS Australia 2024 reunion dinner party

via Channel Nine / E4

But that wasn’t the last of her troubles. We saw Lauren crying a lot during the reunion, which was assumed to have been because of Jono and Ellie, but it turns out Jayden made her cry too.

An insider told PEDESTRIAN.TV her tears were down to how Jayden spoke to her, and said: “Lauren was crying because Jayden was yelling at her, not because of Jono. He was saying ‘You’ve treated Jono like shit from start to finish’. Production pulled Jayden out and told him to stop because Lauren cried.”

Why was all of this cut?!

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