MAFS Australia Tori bridesmaid

Tori’s bestie from the MAFS Australia wedding now thinks her and Jack are ‘so compatible’

Changed her tune since she was a bridesmaid I see

Obviously, Jack and Tori are the most divisive and controversial couple from MAFS Australia 2024 – and that has not changed from the moment they got married at first sight. But one person who had their number marked from the off was Tori and Jack’s bridesmaid Lea, who has now broken her silence on what she thinks of their relationship now MAFS Australia is done with.

On the day of the MAFS Australia wedding, Tori pal Lea got cheers from viewers when the bridesmaid vocally disapproved of Jack’s vibes and all his many, many red flags. Lea has changed her mind though, and spoke about her feelings now on the So Dramatic podcast.

“The editing is something else,” she confessed. “Without the appropriate context, I think it all just looks a lot worse than what it actually is.

“Having been able to get to know Jack as well as I do now, my opinions have definitely changed,” Lea added. “Jack and Tori are so compatible it’s almost disgusting. They’re literally the same person and I love it. He is a huge part of our family, and they’re absolutely endgame.”

I mean… Okay girl. I can’t take any more debates about the edit. Next season, Channel Nine can fly me out to Australia so I can see for myself. My peace of mind needs it. Of course, she didn’t comment on the comments Jack came majorly underfire for saying on the show.

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