MAFS Australia Jack Tori secret Instagram

MAFS Australia’s Jack and Tori have ranted about their co-stars on their secret Instagram

‘We honestly couldn’t give a f*ck’

Jack and Tori have been caught out absolutely furiously ranting about their MAFS Australia cast in as caption on their secret Instagram account – and they have gone absolutely IN.

It’s pretty common practice to have a secret or private Instagram in this day and age, whether you’re on a reality TV show like MAFS Australia or not, and Jack and Tori use theirs clearly to kick off about the criticism being thrown their way. It’s on an account set up as an ode to the dogs, and the post in question has now been deleted but not before So Dramatic procured a screenshot of the insanely angry caption.

The duo wrote under an image of them cosied up on the beach: “Timothy and Lauren are obviously still obsessed with Jack and Tori to the point of talking about us behind our backs. We honestly couldn’t give a f*ck, talk all you like about the most successful marriage to come from season 11. While you guys were running your loose lips at the Nova Dinner Party, we were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, eating popcorn.”

In retaliation to Lauren and Timothy claiming Jack was caught on the phone to his ex Courtney during filming, the caption continued “Absolutely no truth to what they’ve accused.

“Lauren caught me on the phone to my mother organising when I could come home for my dear nan’s funeral (hence I was distressed). As for Timothy, it’s sadly obvious I’m still so far under the man’s skin just for existing.

“Truth is he was following my ex’s social media whilst filming, desperately trying to get in contact with her to the point Courtney had messaged me and I quote, ‘Jack who the hell is this gross fat old man stalking my profile asking me to call him? Can you please ask him to stop watching my Stories’.”

The post is rounded off with “Turns out Timothy is the one full of shit. Bless him.” Clearly the drama starts now the show’s over, eh?

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