Tears and walk outs: All the dramatic scenes cut from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

We were robbed of SO much chaos

In the UK, MAFS Australia 2024 has just wrapped with a pretty tense and dramatic couple of reunion episodes – but it turns out lots of the scenes filled with chaos from the cast were cut out of the final edit.

This season has been packed to bursting with drama, scandal, fights and arguments – and along the way a lot of scenes have been left out the show because there simple aren’t enough hours in the day for the carnage that went down. It looks as though the reunion followed suit, with huge arguments, couples and cast members storming out and secret fights not being mentioned on the show.

Here’s a full rundown of all the scenes that were cut from the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion. It was a lot!

Jack lost it with another groom and stormed out with Tori

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion cut scenes

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Of course there was going to be drama with resident chaos couple, Jack and Tori. But for quite serious legal reasons, they had a lot of their final air time cut from the show.

It’s been previously reported that multiple people from the cast had tried to contact Jack’s ex Courtney, to get her to crash the reunion – which he obviously wasn’t impressed with. Courtney didn’t respond to the cast reaching out to her, but So Dramatic! has reported she did tell Jack that Timothy was one of the people trying to stir the pot and get her to show up.

Arriving at the dinner party, Jack told Timothy he had a “bone to pick” with him over what he had tried to do, which caused the two guys to “lose it” with one another. “Lauren, Sara and Timothy pretty much annihilated Jack, as usual,” a participant said. “Tori and Jack eventually stormed out of the dinner party and left.”

The reason all of this was cut was because Jack’s ex is currently pursuing legal action against Channel Nine and Jack.

Richard and Andrea got completely axed

The reason all of this was cut was because Jack’s ex is currently pursuing legal action against Channel Nine and Jack.

Richard and Andrea got completely axed

In an interview on Yahoo! Australia’s podcast Behind The Edit, Richard said: “We were filmed that night. They filmed six couples but only five went to air, we didn’t go to air. They missed the six minute highlight reel of our relationship. Why it didn’t go to air I have no idea, I think you might want to ask Andie that question. Maybe she has an answer to that.”

Lauren stormed out!

During the final dinner party, Jono and Ellie entered as a couple, and Lauren was reportedly left so devastated she stormed out of filming for the show and refused to return.

This led to producers having to persuade her to come back, with an insider telling Yahoo Lifestyle: “The producers convinced her to go back by saying she’ll get a better edit and get the chance to end the series a hero by calling Jono out.”

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion cut scenes

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Jayden made Lauren cry

Jono and Ellie weren’t the only trouble Lauren had at the reunion. We saw her crying a lot during the episode, which was assumed to have been because of Jono and Ellie, but it turns out Jayden made her cry too.

An insider told PEDESTRIAN.TV her tears were down to how Jayden spoke to her, and said: “Lauren was crying because Jayden was yelling at her, not because of Jono. He was saying ‘You’ve treated Jono like shit from start to finish’. Production pulled Jayden out and told him to stop because Lauren cried.”

Lauren and Jono ‘actually had a good night’

Jono and Ellie were seen laughing at all the chaos they caused during the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, but cut scenes showed that after she was crying over everything, Lauren ended up making up with Jono.

Lauren told PEDESTRIAN.TV: “I felt like an absolute idiot when they walked in. After that all happened, and me and Jono had words, we actually had a good night together. Every time you see them laughing, it’s because of me. Like Jono and Ellie were in stitches laughing all night because I was making them laugh because I’m funny. I don’t think they’ve laughed that much together so when they finally get to see me they were having a laugh.”

via Channel Nine / E4

Ellie shouted at Sara, not Lauren!

Umm, so you know the huge moment where Ellie called Lauren a f*cking bitch, with the insult being so aggressive it was bleeped out from the UK broadcast? Well, the context of that moment was cut out, and it was actually aimed at Sara!

Appearing with Jono on Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast, Ellie said there was more “context to that” dinner party scene. She explained: “It was at the very end of the night, and it was actually directed towards Sara because Sara was being so horrible to me. She came at me, and I had just snapped. I thought, ‘This isn’t your fight.’”

Jade and Ridge had a huge fight before the dinner party but it wasn’t mentioned

MAFS Australia 2024 reunion cut scenes

via Channel Nine / E4

It’s been a messy ride for Jade and Ridge since MAFS Australia 2024 – it seems they broke up after the reunion, but then got back together and are still an item now.

Jade and Ridge split up right after the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion, following a pretty big fight. They are said to have had a “massive falling out” the night before the episode was filmed, and went on to break up in the weeks after filming the reunion. But, none of their troubles were shown.

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