Baby Reindeer real messages and letters breakdown from Martha stalker

A full breakdown of how many emails, letters, voicemails and tweets Richard Gadd’s stalker sent

‘You’ll never believe the hell one cup of tea can cause’

Baby Reindeer on Netflix has us all hooked, as it tells the real life story of the show’s creator and star Richard Gadd. In the series, Richard’s character Donny is subjected to hundreds of daily emails, calls and messages from his stalker, who is called Martha on-screen.

Netflix has previously confirmed that when the show says Richard received a staggering 41,071 emails from Martha over time this was completely true, and has now given a full breakdown of the contact he had from the stalker. She also sent him numerous Facebook messages, tweets and pages and pages of letters – all of which were left out of the show.

Here is the real breakdown of correspondence the Baby Reindeer stalker sent:

In a post captioned “You’ll never believe the hell one cup of tea can cause”, Netflix has revealed the true scale of the stalking. The real-life Martha used four Facebook accounts to send 46 Facebook messages, she also sent 106 pages of letters, 350 hours of voicemail messages and sent 744 tweets directly to Richard Gadd. This is on top of the 41,071 emails (Netflix has clarified the graphic above should state 41,071).

Speaking to Variety, Richard reflected on how it was watching his experiences back on the Netflix show. “It was tough, I can’t deny,” he said. “I mean, who in their right mind wants to revisit the worst thing that ever happened to them? The worst period of their life?

“Of course, it affects you and leaves a bit of an imprint on you. But at the same time, I do sometimes feel that revisiting pain and re-experiencing things can lead to a better understanding of them.”

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