Here’s where to watch Jess Gunning next if you loved her in Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

She has ironically played many police officers

As someone with Scottish family, I couldn’t believe Jess Gunning was in fact from Yorkshire. The Scottish accent had me fooled. If you don’t know Jess, then you need to get to know. She plays the character of Martha, based on Richard Gadd’s real life stalker in Netflix’s Baby Reindeer.

From her cackling laugh to the scene where she follows him down the canal, lets just say I was spooked. The actress in interviews has been saying if she never works again at least she was in that show. We love a humble queen. HOWEVER,  if you can pull of a convincing Scottish accent, a crazy stalker and comedy all in the same role then stardom is on the way. In the meantime, lets stalk through the other shows Jess Gunning has been in to see where we can watch her next:

Law and Order: UK

via ITV

The young star graced our screens as early as 2009 in Law and Order: UK where Jess played Angela, a police receptionist. An iconic career trajectory to go from working for the police to playing convicted criminals.

What Remains (BBC)

via BBC

Jess is a leading lady in 2013 BBC crime drama What Remains, where she plays Melissa Young whose body is found in a flat. It turns out her death was unnoticed for two years and the drama follows the mystery of what happens. I’m a sucker for a BBC drama and it’s available on BBC iPlayer, so perfect for a night in.

White Heat

via BBC

White Heat showcases Jess’s accent range as she plays Irish Orla in the BBC Two drama. The series is about seven students who meet in a London flat share and the series follows their lives across only six episodes. Sounds like a Fresh Meat crossover with One Day as it spans across different years. Not to mention Sam Claflin is in it as well.

Inside No.9

Jess Gunning shows

via BBC

Sneaking her way into Inside No.9, the image is giving uncanny Murder On the Orient Express. This episode is called La Couchette for any die hard Inside No.9 fans that want to trail back almost nine seasons to season two episode one.


Jess Gunning shows

via Channel 4

David Mitchell’s Channel 4 comedy series shows Jess playing Jan, a barmaid. A peep-show style series that showcases the comedic range we already knew Jess has.

The Outlaws

Jess Gunning shows

via BBC

One of the shows you can also watch Jess Gunning in is The Outlaws on BBC One where she plays another law breaking role. Her character Diane Pemberley is a former juvenile delinquent who oversees community service. Season three of this show has just premiered as well so the actress is on a roll.


Jess Gunning shows

via Amazon Prime

FINALLY, you can watch Jess in Pride, the 2014 film that was Golden Globe and BAFTA nominated. The film is set after the miners strike in 1984 and follows the activists called Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners Campaign. Not to mention Andrew Scott is in this one, so you know it’s gonna be good.

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