Omg, Lauren is being lined up to have her own TV show following MAFS Australia!

It’s what she deserves!

Our queen Lauren Dunn from MAFS Australia 2024 is reportedly in talks to have her own TV project, because bosses at Channel Nine loved her on the show so much. Honestly guys, same.

The new owner of our hearts and icon herself apparently has loads of opportunities coming her way because of how popular she became during the experiment, and is in high demand all over the place.

But one place that will definitely be top of her list to accept offers from is none other than Channel Nine, the channel MAFS Australia originally airs on over in Aus. According to So Dramatic! bosses there are really keen to get her involved in a TV project in some sort of capacity, and she’s been in talks about how this opportunity could look.

A source said: “They know she’s a great talent. They want to keep her on their books and are looking at ways they can utilise her in the future, either on another reality show or a hosting or presenting gig.” Lauren currently runs a food Instagram account, and the source added Channel Nine wants to “trial her with some cooking-related content online” before “looking at bigger, long-term projects.”

Lauren on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel Nine / E4

They added: “She is also already in talks to take over [Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding’s] Dinner Party Debriefs video series. Dom and Ella’s online series flopped this year and didn’t attract the viewers they’d hoped for. They’re looking at who is the best fit to take it over, and Lauren is their top pick at the moment.”

But the channel doesn’t want the online series to be the limit of Lauren’s new career, the source clarified it 100 per cent wants her on the TV too. “Lauren will definitely be back on our screens again in some capacity in the not-so-distant future,” they said. “She’s a natural in front of the camera, and fans love her. It’s a no-brainer for Nine to keep her in the family.”

Get it Lauren!

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