Three MAFS Australia 2024 cast members wanted to quit but stayed until the end of the show

Producers persuaded some to stay whilst others have said they still regret not leaving

A few cast members from MAFS Australia 2024 had made their mind up during the experiment that they wanted to quit the show and leave, but then changed their minds and saw things out. Three participants have now spoken out about wanting to walk out on the show, and all of them are people who ended up staying until the very end.

They believed the experiment had come to an end for them – be that because they were fed up with all the drama, or one groom who has straight up said he lost faith in his marriage and still to this day regrets not calling time on it earlier.

Here’s a rundown of everyone from MAFS Australia 2024 who has admitted they wanted to quit the experiment.

Jack and Tori wanted to quit because nobody thought their relationship was real

MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel Nine / E4

Jack and Tori have revealed they tried to quit MAFS Australia 2024 together because they were fed up of all the “orchestrated drama” and feeling like nobody believed their relationship was real. The couple said all the feuds they got involved with got too much for them, and they thought about leaving the show altogether and continuing their relationship in the real world instead.

“I remember getting to a point where I said to Jack ‘let’s just leave’ probably just after the retreat,” Tori told Daily Mail Australia. “I was like, ‘let’s just go together, we don’t need to be surrounded by these people, these are not our people, let’s just go’.” The publication added they felt “alienated” by “alliances” formed by the other couples, which made them think they might be better going at their relationship alone.

Tim wishes he’d left the show and still regrets it now

MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel Nine / E4

Since the experiment has come to end, Tim has spoken a lot about his relationship with Sara, going as far to say it was “horrible” at times and “scarred” him. He said he wishes he’d “stood up for himself” more, and said one of his lowest points was finding out Sara had met up with her ex.

Reflecting on this, he said that when he voted to “leave” and Sara said “stay” in the commitment ceremony after the scandal, he should have quit the show altogether, and regrets not doing so. He has said in an interview he thinks “it would have been a lot better if I just fully left then and there for my peace of mind and clarity.”

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