MAFS Australia 2024’s Tim spills all on ‘horrible’ relationship with Sara that ‘scarred’ him

He’s said she had ‘scary eyes’ and a ‘face of fury’

One marriage that most definitely didn’t work out this season of MAFS Australia was Tim and Sara. They had a turbulent relationship – from struggling to find a mutual connection, to sometimes seeming on top of the world together, to then the infamous cheating scandal with Sara meeting up with her ex.

Now, Tim has done an interview all about his time on the MAFS Australia 2024 experiment and he hasn’t held back with what he has to say about the experience with Sara. He’s spoken about their connection, what she was like as a wife and how he feels about the cheating scandal now.

Speaking with former MAFS brides Ella and Dom on their Sit With Us Podcast, Tim spilled all the behind the scenes gossip and latest updates. He first said it was really hard to watch the show back, particularly his low points and when he was arguing with Sara, and said he wished he’d “stood up for himself more”.

We saw Sara lose it with Tim a lot on the show, and Tim has spoken about fights with his bride, and said Sara had “scary eyes” and a “very good face of fury” and she was “very serious” in their relationship.

Tim and Sara on MAFS Australia 2024

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Speaking of how they struggled right from the beginning on their honeymoon, Tim said: “I think her approach was like… she wanted to make sure I was perfect before she would try and let down her walls. I don’t want to put all the blame on her, but there was a lot of stiffness from her end.”

He called the first two months “horrible” and said a lot more happened behind the scenes. Tim added: “The first two months were horrible, and you saw stuff on camera, like imagine what happened off camera!”

Of course he had to address the cheating scandal, and where he is now reflecting on it. “I was so hurt by that because I’d been fighting, I’d been really trying to impress this girl and win her over, and I’d been really patient with her,” Tim told the podcast hosts.

He added that he still isn’t sure what happened between Sara and her ex, and said: “I’m never going to really know, I’m not sure if they did anything physical, I don’t want to point the finger – I have no idea. They had that weird thing going on for five years and I feel like she brought that into our relationship.”

Despite confirming there’s “no bad blood” between himself and Sara now, Tim did say on reflection he thinks their relationship was never going to work out because  Sara was “just after someone who is unavailable”. He added he has “been a bit scarred by the whole experience”. Ouch.

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