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OMG, MAFS Australia camera crew almost walked in on Jack and Tori doing the dirty deed

My eyes! MY EYES!

Latest little bit of gossip on MAFS Australia 2024 is that apparently the camera crew almost walked in on Jack and Tori getting intimate on the show – lord help us.

It was common knowledge on the show that the two didn’t sleep together for ages despite the fact Jack spent half the show telling us all he was literally God reincarnate between the sheets. Have to laugh. They even got accused of faking it during the MAFS homestays.

Anyway, during Jack’s client and or pal Lizz Shobolov’s appearance on the So Dramatic podcast, where she was telling all the tea about Jack and Tori, she let slip some big awkward gossip.

“Jack told me that [him and Tori] were having a lovely dinner, and it looked like they were going to do the deed that night. However, Jack ended up falling asleep.” Tori was then absolutely livid, because she’d been waiting to sleep with Jack for the whole series. The two apparently then ended up having sex in the morning, finishing off “right before the camera crew came in”. A truly awkward camera crew moment for Jack and Tori on MAFS Australia was nearly a disaster.

“Can you imagine if [the crew] walked in on them doing the deed,” Lizz laughed. “They were filming right afterwards and were asking Jack all about it.”

Lizz also said she does believe that Jack and Tori actually had sex on MAFS. At least that makes one of us, eh?

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