The Bear family tree

Who’s actually related!? A full family tree rundown of the Berzattos from The Bear

No, they’re not all cousins

The characters in The Bear do not care to hold your hand on explaining who they all are to each other. They talk fast, they talk with years of deep and personal interweaving connection and they expect you to keep up. It’s part of what makes The Bear special – a complex family who you really feel like you’ve been given an inside look at. The Bear might not go into clear detail on the family tree of the Berzatto family – but we will. You’re welcome.

The main, actual Berzattos

Obviously, we’ve got Jeremy Allen White as Army – our main Berzatto who is the youngest of all the siblings. Middle child is Natalie, who is kind of reluctantly also wrapped up in the restaurant and married to Pete who the Berzattos absolutely do not like. The oldest brother was Mikey, who took his own life before The Bear series one starts and whose actions make up the crux of the plot. Their mother is Donna (Jamie Lee Curtis), who’s an alcoholic.

Michelle: The actual cousin

I joked before that not everyone is a cousin because this show is obsessed with referring to characters as cousins or uncles, but Michelle actually is a cousin, a Berzatto. She’s also played by the legendary Sarah Paulson. Her partner Stevie is accepted into the family, and they love him, but they aren’t married.


Despite the fact he’s always getting called cousin, Richie is not a Berzatto but he is like family because he’s been friends with them so long. Specifically, he was Mikie’s best friend. He has a daughter with his ex-wife Tiffany.

The Bear family tree

‘Uncle’ Jimmy, who is not an uncle

Jimmy is the main investor of the restaurant in The Bear but not a relation! Do not get confused by the uncle, although he might as well be one cause he was a close friend of the Berzatto children’s dad and is like one of those mates of your mum’s who you’ve always called auntie even though she isn’t.

‘Uncle Lee’, who is definitely not an uncle

He’s actually Donna’s on-off boyfriend.

The Faks

Neil Fak who we know and love again, no relation to the Berzattos but just a close friend of the family and has been around for all of their lives.

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