Love Triangle watch

You need to watch the explosive new dating show Love Triangle that makes MAFS look tame

It’s got dinner parties, arguments and cheating scandals in the first two episodes!

We’re all drained from dating shows, but there’s one you need to get your eyes on to fill the Married at First Sight sized gap in your life – and conveniently enough it comes on straight after MAFS Australia on E4. I’m talking about Love Triangle, the show that passed me by but now can confidently say is one of the most chaotic and messy dating shows I’ve watched in years – and deserves you having a watch of it too.

I stumbled upon Love Triangle in the way all good things are found: The Gogglebox cast reacted to a clip on Friday night’s episode. Just when you think you’ve seen it all on MAFS or Love Island, and my jaw was agog at the kind of drama going down. I decided there and then that I simply must spend the rest of my hangover catching up as a matter of urgency.

The premise is this: A load of single people have been matched with two potential partners who they’re allowed to start texting. One will be their usual type, and one probably the type they never go for but should try dating instead to avoid repeating bad habits. The singleton picks one of the two to go on a date with, and no matter how that date goes they then have to move in together for several days – as well as mingling with the other couples at MAFS style mixers and dinner parties. Some couples instantly hit it off, with several sleeping together and then on the flip side, others quite literally despising every fibre of their partner’s very being.

Via Channel 4

Via Channel 4

Then comes the twist: The original choosing singleton then has to go on a date with the person they didn’t pick, and – again – no matter how that date goes or how well they’re getting on with their first match, the initially rejected person is moving in and the OG match is out. The emotions are up the wall. The carnage is literally insane.

In the first few episodes alone, one fight happens because a couple who do not get on contains a man who tells his partner he asked for slim and tall and proceeds to tell her “you are none of them”. He then tells this poor Scottish woman he can’t understand her “Shrek accent”. It’s beyond belief.

There’s also later tears, tantrums and two people who weren’t paired up together meeting and then turbo snogging on a sofa in the middle of a group mixer as the entire cast look on in bewilderment. You could literally not make this up.

Not seeing much chat about Love Triangle, which is a shame because it definitely deserves a watch. If you love MAFS and the carnage of it all, you will be in heaven – it was produced by the same team who make Married at First Sight. I’ve seen a lot of reality TV, and it’s not often it leaves me open mouthed.

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